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CopyCoordsToClipboard Command

cheat CopyCoordsToClipboard

This command copies your current coordinates and rotation to your clipboard in the format: X, Y, Z, Yaw, and Pitch. This is useful for teleportation commands.

In-Depth Description

The CopyCoordsToClipboard command copies your current coordinates to the clipboard.

This action means your current location's X, Y, Z, Yar, and Pitch coordinates on the map will be saved and can be pasted elsewhere.

To use this command, you do not need to specify any arguments. Simply enter the command into the console.

This can be extremely useful in many scenarios. One of the main uses is to keep a record of a particular location.

Perhaps you've come across a rare resource or dangerous creature spawn point, and wish to return later - you can copy the coordinates, paste them into a document or chat, and you will have a record of exactly where that point was.

It can also be used for sharing your current location with others. This is useful if you are playing in multiplayer mode and want to precisely communicate your location to a teammate.

For instance, if you are lost or in danger, or if you have found something of interest and want your teammates to come to you, you can use this command to provide them with your exact coordinates. They can then follow these coordinates to reach your exact location.


Below is information about the CopyCoordsToClipboard console command.

Console compatible
Version added286.103
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Quick Overview

The command CopyCoordsToClipboard in is used to copy the coordinates of the player's current location to the clipboard.

This can be useful for noting down specific locations or sharing them with other players.


cheat CopyCoordsToClipboard

This is the only way for the CopyCoordsToClipboard command to be used.