Ark Cheat

Ark Cheat is a complete list of all commands, item IDs, creature IDs, color IDs, and kibble for Ark: Survival Evolved (and its DLCs).

Open the console on PC by pressing Tab. On XBOX, press LB RB X and Y simulataneously. On PS4, press L1 R1 Square and Triangle at the same time.


Search our entire database of Ark commands, item IDs, and creature IDs in the search box below. Type a command, effect, item, creature, or DLC to see autofilled results.

Ark Commands

Ark console commands can be used by players to "cheat" and by administrators to control the server.

Ark Item IDs

Ark items can be spawned using the item ID and the GiveItem or the gfi commands. Both methods are provided along.

Ark Creature IDs

Creatures in Ark can be spawned using the Summon or SpawnDino command. Both commands are provided as well as a command builder for the SpawnDino method.

Ark Color IDs

Use the setTargetDinoColor command and a color ID to instantly change the color of a region on your dino.

Ark Kibble Chart

Kibble chart with creatures' preferred kibble and kibble recipes.