CryoMyTarget Console Command

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CryoMyTarget Command

cheat CryoMyTarget

This command will place the creature you're targeting under your crosshair into a new cryopod in your inventory.

In-Depth Description

The CryoMyTarget command instantly cryo-freezes the target you're currently looking at without requiring a Cryopod. This means the creature will be in a state of suspended animation, effectively "frozen."

This command can be very helpful in several scenarios. First, if you need to transport a large or dangerous creature, you can momentarily suspend it. This essentially makes transportation safe and hassle-free as the creature cannot take any actions or get aggressive towards you while in this state.

Second, if you are in the middle of a fight with a creature and need a momentary halt to figure out your next step or recover health, you can freeze the creature with the CryoMyTarget command without damaging it.

However, it is crucial to remember that this is only temporary. You need to have a post-thawing plan as the creature will automatically unfreeze after a certain duration and might become hostile towards you.


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Quick Overview

The command CryoMyTarget will put the creature you are currently targeting in your crosshair into a new cryopod.

This command is useful when you want to immobilize a creature temporarily. When a creature is cryo'd, it's stored in a cryopod, which is a portable cryogenic capsule that allows survivors to store and transport their tamed creatures.


cheat CryoMyTarget

This is the only way to use the CryoMyTarget command.