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DebugStructures Command

cheat DebugStructures

This command toggles the display of a debug interface on structures when you look at them. The structure's class name and entity ID will be displayed. Enter the command again to turn this off.

In-Depth Description

The DebugStructures command is quite useful in the game Ark: Survival Evolved, utilized primarily for building and managing structures in the game.

When DebugStructures command is executed, it highlights all the structures that are owned by all platforms, whether it's friendly or enemy. This includes all player structures like walls, floors, beds, etc. The structures are highlighted with a colored overlay that displays the health ratio of a structure. The green color shows that the health of the structure is good, yellow means it's damaged, and red means it's highly damaged or near its breaking point.

This command is incredibly beneficial as it allows you to do an instant check of the physical condition of all of your structures within the game without having to manually inspect them one by one. This is extremely helpful in maintaining your base's defensive integrity, as it can highlight any structures that are in need of repair due to damage from attacks or environmental factors.

You should use DebugStructures when you suspect one or more of your structures have been damaged, when you're doing regular maintenance checks, or whenever you want a quick overview of the state of all of your structures. Furthermore, this command is also important in times of conflict as it helps you to determine which of your structures might be vulnerable, allowing you to take immediate actions to fix them before an enemy takes advantage of the weakness.


Below is information about the DebugStructures console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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cheat DebugStructures

This is the only way to use this command. Enter it to enable the viewing of debug data when you look at structures. Enter it again to disable the display.