DefeatAllBosses Console Command

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DefeatAllBosses Command

cheat DefeatAllBosses

This command will defeat and unlock all Alpha difficulty bosses for the player specified by the given player ID. Use 0 as the player ID to unlock all Alpha bosses for your character.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

UE4 ID / 0

The UE4 ID of the player you wish to lock bosses for. Specify 0 to unlock bosses for yourself.

In-Depth Description

The DefeatAllBosses command immediately defeats all the Bosses in the game.

This command is useful if you're less interested in the grind and challenge of the bosses, and want to experience the post-boss gameplay more quickly. It saves you a lot of time, resources, and potential frustration.


Below is information about the DefeatAllBosses console command.

Console compatible
Version added298.3
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Quick Overview

The DefeatAllBosses command instantly gives the player the achievement of defeating all bosses in the game.

It essentially acts as a cheat to bypass the challenges associated with actually fighting and defeating these bosses.

Command Builder

Adjust the settings below to automatically generate a command. Once you have the inputs you want, click the copy button and paste it into the console in Starfield.
cheat DefeatAllBosses
UE4 ID / 0


cheat DefeatAllBosses 0

This command will unlock all of the alpha bosses for yourself.

cheat DefeatAllBosses 30346342

This command will unlock all of the alpha bosses for the player with the ID of 30346342.