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DestroyFoliage Command

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This command eliminates all foliage, resource nodes, and additional cosmetic models within the specified radius centered around your character. Any resources collected from the destroyed nodes will be transferred to your character's inventory.

In-Depth Description

The "DestroyFoliage" command in Ark: Survival Evolved is used to clear out all types of plant life in the game within a specified radius. The command has the syntax "DestroyFoliage [Radius]", and is used by entering it in the game's console window.

When the command is run, all types of foliage (trees, bushes, etc.) within the radius specified in the command will be removed or "destroyed," leaving the area clear. The radius is in "foundation units" which is a standard unit of space in the game and is based off the foundational structure and design elements.

"DestroyFoliage" can be particularly handy when you need to remove vegetation that's obstructing a certain view or building area, or when you need a clear area for whatever reason. It eliminates the manual labor required to clear out such spaces, saving time and energy.

Be aware, however, that using this command will not yield any resources that would normally be obtained from manually harvesting the foliage. Therefore, it should be used with care.

This command could also be used strategically to reshape the environment of a map, possibly to plan out sections for base building or farming, or to eliminate foliage that could be used as cover by adversaries in PvP.

So, when to apply this command really varies depending on your goals in the game. Ensure to strike a delicate balance between utilizing it for clearing spaces and not squandering potential resources.


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Quick Overview

The "DestroyFoliage" command in Ark: Survival is used to remove all of the foliage in a certain specified radius. This command is helpful if you need to clear an area for building or exploration. It's crucial to use this command carefully, as it removes all foliage, including trees that produce resources.