DestroyStructures Console Command

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DestroyStructures Command

cheat DestroyStructures

This command removes all structures on the map, including yours.

In-Depth Description

The DestroyStructures command will immediately destroy all structures on the map.

This command can be useful in several scenarios. For instance, if the game server is cluttered with old and abandoned buildings, the DestroyStructures command can clear the map and repurpose the land. It can help to free up server resources, reducing lag and potentially improving game performance by removing all structural entities.

It can also be helpful in drastically altering the layout of the game world, for a new challenge or different gameplay experience.


Below is information about the DestroyStructures console command.

Console compatible
Version added207.0
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Quick Overview

The DestroyStructures command destroys all structures on the map.

This is useful for server maintenance and cleaning, especially if the map has too many player-built structures that are causing performance issues.


cheat DestroyStructures

This is the only way to use this command. Executing it will instantly remove all structures on the map.