DestroyTribeDinos Console Command

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DestroyTribeDinos Command

cheat DestroyTribeDinos

This command destroys all dinos associated with the tribe of the object you are currently looking at.


Below is information about the DestroyTribeDinos console command.

Console compatible
Version added226.4
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Quick Overview

The DestroyTribeDinos is a console command that it destroys all the dinosaurs that are a part of the tribe of the thing that the player is currently looking at in the game.

Unclaimed dinos belong to their own tribe, so executing this command while focusing on an unclaimed dino will destroy all unclaimed ones. Tamed and wild dinos will left alone.

This is especially handy if breeding configurations are accelerated and a tribe or player neglects a breeding pair, resulting in an overwhelming number of unclaimed dinos that severely impact the performance of a single-player game or server.

Additionally, motorboats owned by the tribe will be destroyed.


cheat DestroyTribeDinos

This is the only way to use this command. Executing it will kill all dinos that belong to the tribe that owns whatever object you are targeting in your crosshairs.