DestroyTribeStructures Console Command

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DestroyTribeStructures Command

cheat DestroyTribeStructures

This command will destroy all structures of the tribe that owns the object you are currently looking at.

In-Depth Description

The DestroyTribeStructures command in Ark: Survival Evolved is an admin command that allows you to instantly destroy all structures owned by a specific tribe on the map.

When you run this command, all buildings, defenses, and other structures owned by the chosen tribe will immediately be destroyed. It's important to note that this command only destroys structures, not tamed creatures or tribe members.

Because this is a powerful command with permanent consequences, it should be used with caution. It can be helpful in situations where a tribe has vacated the server and their structures are causing performance issues, or in cases where a tribe has violated the server rules and their structures need to be removed.

To use this command, you'll need to include the Tribe ID of the tribe whose structures you wish to destroy. The tag for this command is: DestroyTribeStructures [Tribe ID]. For example, using "DestroyTribeStructures 123" would delete all structures for the tribe with ID 123.

This command works in both the multiplayer server console as well as the single-player console, but please remember that you must have administrative rights on the server in order to use this command.


Below is information about the DestroyTribeStructures console command.

Console compatible
Version added226.4
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Quick Overview

The command "DestroyTribeStructures" in Ark: Survival is used to destroy all structures owned by the tribe of the player who executes it. This command will not affect the structures of other tribes.


cheat DestroyTribeStructures

This is the only way to use the DestroyTribeStructures command. When you execute this command, all structures of the tribe that owns the object you are targeting in your crosshairs will be destroyed.