DestroyWildDinos Console Command

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DestroyWildDinos Command

cheat DestroyWildDinos

This command removes all untamed creatures on the map. It's beneficial for facilitating the spawn of newly-introduced creatures.

In-Depth Description

The DestroyWildDinos command in Ark: Survival Evolved eliminates all wild dinosaurs in the game. As the name implies, this console command wipes out every wild dinosaur currently existing on the map. However, it doesn't affect tamed dinosaurs.

When the command is used, all wild dinosaurs in the game will be completely eradicated. Then, after a while, new dinosaurs will start to spawn again naturally, following the normal spawning rules.

There are two mains cases when this command can be particularly helpful:

  1. Overpopulation: Sometimes on a server, certain dinosaur species can overpopulate, which can cause other species to become scarce or even disappear. Using this command can sort the balance out by essentially resetting the dino population.

  2. Stuck Dinosaurs: Wild dinosaurs might get stuck in the terrain or in player-made structures. Running the command can help solve this issue.


Below is information about the DestroyWildDinos console command.

Console compatible
Version added207.0
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Quick Overview

The command DestroyWildDinos is used to destroy all wild creatures on the map. This will not affect tamed creatures.

Once executed, it will cause all dinosaurs currently in the game to be killed, and over time new dinosaurs will spawn normally.

This command is typically used to clean up the map and reduce lag.


cheat DestroyWildDinos

This is the only way to use this command. Executing it will destroy all untamed creatures on the map.