EnableSpectator Console Command

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EnableSpectator Command

cheat EnableSpectator

This command will enable spectator mode for your character. It is recommended that you leave all your inventory in a safe place before using this command, as usage of the command will destroy your inventory.

In-Depth Description

The EnableSpectator command switches your gameplay mode to Spectator mode.

This provides you with a free-roaming, flying camera perspective of your game world - allowing you to explore and move around the map without any physical interaction or interference with the gameplay.

When in Spectator mode, players have no physical form and cannot interact with the environment, other players, or creatures. They can pass through terrain and objects, fly quickly across the map, and even adjust the speed of their movement.

This command can be incredibly useful in several scenarios. For example, administrators of multiplayer servers can use this command to oversee player activities, monitor player behavior, or investigate reports of game rule violations.

It can also be used for scouting locations for building without the risk of attracting enemy creatures.

While in spectator mode, the following keybindings are available:

Camera and HUD controls

Ctrl + MToggle player HUDs across the entire map.
Ctrl + PDisplay only nearby player HUDs.
Ctrl + NOpen a list to select and jump to players.
SpacebarDetach from a player.

Player interaction

LmbAttach to the player you're looking at.
Lmb or RmbCycle through attached players.

Flight speed controls

⇧ ShiftIncrease flight speed.
CtrlDecrease flight speed.
MousewheelFine-tune flight speed.

Camera positioning

⇧ Shift + F1 ... F10Save current camera positions.
F1 ... F10Jump to the saved camera positions.


Below is information about the EnableSpectator console command.

Console compatible
Version added191.0
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Quick Overview

The EnableSpectator command switches your character to a spectator mode.

In this mode, you won't be able to interact with the world, but you can freely move around and observe.

This can be particularly useful for observing player behavior in multiplayer games or scouting the surroundings safely in single player games.


cheat EnableSpectator

This is the only way to use this command, which will enable spectator mode.