ForcePoop Console Command

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ForcePoop Command

cheat ForcePoop

This command triggers the targeted dinosaur (either the one you're currently riding or the one in your crosshair) to defecate. It's useful for quickly obtaining fertilizer.

In-Depth Description

The ForcePoop command forces a targeted dinosaur to defecate. The command affects the creature that you are currently riding or the one you are directly looking at under your crosshair.

When the command is executed, the dinosaur will instantly defecate, producing a piece of feces. The feces produced can be used as a resource for farming, specifically as a fertilizer for crop plots.

This is the primary reason why you may find the ForcePoop command useful. Farming is a major part of gameplay, so having a steady supply of your own fertilizer can increase the productivity and efficiency of your crops.


Below is information about the ForcePoop console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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cheat ForcePoop

This is the only way to use the ForcePoop command, which when executed will make the dino you are riding, or the dino that is in your crosshair, poop.