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GetChat Command

Server ManagementChat

This command will return the latest chat messages.

In-Depth Description

The command GetChat in Ark: Survival Evolved is used to retrieve the latest in-game chat.

When you execute the GetChat command, the game will retrieve and display the most recent messages that have been sent in the in-game chat. This information is displayed in your console window, not in the in-game chat itself.

Remember that this command only gets the most recent messages, so if a lot of messages have been sent since the last time you used the command, some earlier ones might not be displayed.

This can be helpful in administration or moderation, especially if you're trying to create a suitable environment for other players. By using this command you can monitor conversations, check for any inappropriate behavior or language, resolve disputes, or provide assistance.


Below is information about the GetChat console command.

Console compatible
Version added185.4
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This is the only way the GetChat command can be executed. After entering the command, the latest chat buffer will be shown.