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GetEgg Command

cheat GetEgg

This command spawns a fertilized egg from the egg-laying dino you target under your crosshair. The egg will be spawned directly at your feet. Picking up the egg will provoke the dino to become aggressive towards you.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

Type: Number

The number of random mutations you wish the add to the egg.

In-Depth Description

GetEgg is a console command that allows you to spawn fertilized eggs of any species instantly without the need for mating.

To spawn an egg of a particular species, you will need to target that species in your crosshair. For example, targeting an Allosaurus will result in an Allosaurus egg.

The GetEgg command is especially useful when you want a specific species' egg to hatch and tame without having to breed creatures yourself.

This can considerably save time, especially for species that have prolonged mating and hatching periods.


Below is information about the GetEgg console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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cheat GetEgg


cheat GetEgg

This command will spawn a fertilized egg from the dino in your crosshair.

cheat GetEgg 2

This command is similar to the one above but will add 2 random mutations to the egg.