GetGameLog Console Command

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GetGameLog Command

Server Management

This command will print the most recent game log. It will print 100 entries at a time, and output it to a file in /Logs. In order to use this command, first launch the server with -servergamelog.

In-Depth Description

The GetGameLog command in Ark: Survival Evolved is a server command that prints a segment of the server's game log file.

Game logs contain a host of information about happenings in the server such as player connections, disconnections, deaths, structures destroyed, etc.

Printing a log of the game could be handy for a server admin to monitor players' activities, keeping track of rule-breaking or suspicious behavior.


Below is information about the GetGameLog console command.

Console compatible
Version added224.0
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Quick Overview

The GetGameLog command is used to output the the mst recent game log in the command window.

This is usually used by server admins to check for recent events in the server.



This is the only way the GetGameLog command can be executed. After entering the command, the most recent game logs will be printed.