GetTribeIdPlayerList Console Command

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GetTribeIdPlayerList Command

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cheat GetTribeIdPlayerList

This command outputs a list of all players from a specified tribe, showing both PlayerID and SteamID, in both the console and the in-game chat window.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

Tribe ID

The tribe ID whose players you wish to print out.

In-Depth Description

The GetTribeIdPlayerList command in Ark: Survival Evolved provides a list of all online players in a specific tribe. This command is particularly useful for server administrators for a multitude of reasons.

When this command is executed, it requires the tribe ID as its parameter. Once the command is filled in with the appropriate tribe ID, the list of all online players who belong to the specified tribe will be displayed. This can be very useful when you need to know who is currently active in the game for a specific tribe, like in cases when there's an ongoing game event or when settling in-game disputes.

It can also function as a routine tool to check the activity levels of different tribes as a server admin, allowing you to monitor who is currently online from each tribe without having to personally check each one.

However, remember that meant for server admins or single-player games. Every time you want to use it, you must know the correct ID of the tribe you want to check. As it is an admin command, it requires certain privileges to execute. Therefore, typical players do not have access to this command.


Below is information about the GetTribeIdPlayerList console command.

Console compatible
Version added254.0
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Quick Overview

The "GetTribeIdPlayerList" command in Ark: Survival is used to get a list of the IDs of all players in a particular tribe. You need to specify the Tribe ID to get the player list for that specific tribe. The output will be player IDs, not usernames.

Command Builder

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cheat GetTribeIdPlayerList
Tribe ID


cheat GetTribeIdPlayerList 23454

This command will print a list of players that belong to the tribe with the ID 23454.