Ark GFI Command

This command adds an item to your inventory, relative to the blueprint, amount and quality specified. You can specify only part of the blueprint instead of the full blueprint, provided it is a unique part that no other blueprints have (e.g. 'gem' is shared between the Blue Gem, Green Gem and Red Gem, so it cannot be used, but 'Absorbent' is only in 'Absorbent Substrate' so it is fine). See our Ark ID list for item IDs, blueprints, GFI codes, etc.

Command Syntax
cheat GFI <Blueprint / GFI> <Amount> <Quality> <Force Blueprint>

The command syntax includes the command as well as any possible parameters. Parameter options are below.

Click the copy button to copy the command. Replace any parameter placeholders, which are stated between angle brackets, < and >, with the parameter option you want. Then click copy to copy the entire command.

Command Parameters
Blueprint / GFI
Type: GFI Code
The blueprint of the item you wish to add. You can include just part of the blueprint (provided it is unique).
Type: Number
The amount of the item(s) you wish to give.
Type: Number
The quality you wish the item(s) to have.
Force Blueprint
Type: Boolean
Specify '0' to add the item to your inventory, '1' to add the blueprint of the item to your inventory.
GFI ChargeBattery 1 1 0
ChargeBattery is the GFI code for a Charge Battery. This command would give you 1 (first number) Charge Battery with a low quality (the second number, 1). Because the Force Blueprint argument is 0 (third number), you would receive the Charge Battery as an item, not as a blueprint.
GFI ChargeBattery 1 1 1
The above command is the same as the first example (it gives you 1 low quality Charge Battery), but because the final argument (Force Blueprint) is set to 1, you would receive the blueprint for this item, not the actual item.
GFI Polymer_Organic 10 65 0
Polymer_Organic is the GFI code for Organic Polymer. Because the amount argument (first number) is set to 10, this command would give you 10 Organic Polymer. The quality argument is set to 65, which gives you the highest possible quality. The final number is set to 0 (false), which means you would receive the Organic Polymer as an item, not as a blueprint.
Opening the command console

Press the Tab key to open the command console on PC. On Xbox, press LB RB X andY at the same time. On PlayStation, pressL1 R1 Square andTriangle at the same time.