Ghost Console Command

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Ghost Command

cheat Ghost

This command activates 'noclip' mode, turning off collisions and enabling you to move through any objects, including the map's terrain. To exit this mode, use the Walk command.

In-Depth Description

The command Ghost gives the player the ability to move through objects and terrain as if they're not there.

This includes the world architecture, such as the ground, trees and rocks, creatures, and buildings.

While in ghost mode, the player can move in any direction, including ascending or descending vertically, which can be especially useful for navigating through challenging or obstacle-filled environments.

This command is beneficial for fixing building mistakes without having to destroy parts of your base, as it allows you to easily move inside any structures. You can also use it to escape from being stuck inside the landscape, due to a bug or glitch.

Another advantage is that while in Ghost mode, players are invulnerable to most types of damage, this makes it useful for observing dangerous creatures or exploring high-risk areas safely.


Below is information about the Ghost console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The Ghost command will give your character the ability to pass through objects or buildings freely, essentially moving like a ghost.

It's typically used to navigate the game without interacting with the physical elements, players, or creatures, making it easier to explore or assess situations.


cheat Ghost

This is the only way to use the Ghost command. Executing this command will allow you to pass through any objects.

cheat Walk

This command will disable the effects of the Ghost command.