GiveAllExplorerNotes Console Command

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GiveAllExplorerNotes Command

cheat GiveAllExplorerNotes

This command unlocks all Explorer Notes and Fjordur Runes across all arks for the player executing the command. Be aware, executing this command might cause your client to temporarily freeze.

In-Depth Description

The command GiveAllExplorerNotes will instantly unlock all of the Explorer Notes and Fjordur Runes for the player. These notes are small nodes hidden throughout the different modules that provide a background story for the game, often also containing valuable information helpful for players.

Explorer Notes

For example, some Explorer Notes are dossiers that contain detailed information about different species of creatures found in the game. Others are tough-to-find notes that explain the lore of Ark, often from the perspective of previous survivors. All these can immensely help in enhancing a players' understanding of the game's environment and backstory.

Fjordur Runes

Fjordur Runes, introduced in Ark Fjordur, are distinctive red-colored gem-like objects that float mysteriously in mid-air. Unlike the previously known Runestones used for teleportation, these runes serve a different purpose.

When collected, they offer players a slight experience boost. However, their true significance lies in their collective power; amassing all 200 of them is a prerequisite for players to harness the power of the legendary Mjolnir, allowing them to channel the might of Thor within the game.

You should use this command if you're keen on understanding all of the in-game lore and info about different creatures but do not wish to go through the process of finding each individual node throughout the various modules in the game world.


Below is information about the GiveAllExplorerNotes console command.

Console compatible
Version added279.224
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Quick Overview

The GiveAllExplorerNotes command is used to unlock all the Explorer Notes and Fjordur Runes on the map.

Explorer Notes are collectible items scattered across The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction that are either a Dino Dossier or pieces of the story of the ARKs.

Fjordur Runes are red-colored gem-like collectibles found in Ark Fjordur. Collecting them provides a small experience boost, and gathering all 200 is essential to wield the mighty Mjolnir in the game.


cheat GiveAllExplorerNotes

This is the only way to use the GiveAllExplorerNotes command. Executing this command will unlock all Explorer Notes and Fjordur Runes.