GiveColors Console Command

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GiveColors Command

cheat GiveColors

This command will give you the specified quantity of each dye in the game.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

Type: Number

The amount of each dye you wish to receive.

In-Depth Description

The GiveColors command in Ark: Survival Evolved instantly gives you a set amount of every type of dye.

Dyes in Ark Survival Evolved are used to color different items and structures, adding a unique visual aspect to your gameplay.

You might want to use this command when you want to customize your character, dino, or base but don't have the resources, or simply to add more aesthetic variety to your gameplay without having to gather the individual resources needed to make each dye.


Below is information about the GiveColors console command.

Console compatible
Version added209.4
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Quick Overview

The GiveColors command is used to provide a certain amount of every type of dye in the game.

The command requires a quantity parameter, which determines the amount of each dye to receive.

For example, if you enter cheat GiveColors 10, you will receive 10 units of each color dye available in the game.

Command Builder

Adjust the settings below to automatically generate a command. Once you have the inputs you want, click the copy button and paste it into the console in Starfield.
cheat GiveColors


cheat GiveColors 30

The command will give you 30 of each dye color.

cheat GiveColors 1

The command will give you 1 of each dye color.