GiveTekengramsTo Console Command

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GiveTekengramsTo Command

cheat GiveTekengramsTo

This command will give and unlock the Tek Engram with the specified ID for the player with the specified player ID. Tek Engram IDs are identical to the GFI code for the item.


The syntax for this command is as follows:


The UE4 ID of the player you wish to give and unlock the TekEngram for.

The GFI code of the Tek Engram you wish to give and unlock.

In-Depth Description

The GiveTekEngramsTo command is used in Ark: Survival Evolved to grant Tek Tier engrams to a certain player.

Tek Tier items are high-tech endgame structures and equipment using very advanced technology.

Tek Engrams are special crafting recipes. They are unlocked by killing specific bosses. Each boss unlocks different Tekgrams. Tekgrams allow you to craft Tek Tier items, which are advanced technological items and structures.

To craft items using a Tekgram, you will need Element, a special resource found in ARK. Additionally, you will need to have the required level and have unlocked the necessary Engrams.

This command can be incredibly helpful in certain circumstances. The Tek Tier items are among the most powerful and versatile in the game and having access to them can drastically improve a player's ability to survive and thrive. This command bypasses the normal process of needing to defeat bosses to gradually unlock each of these engrams.


Below is information about the GiveTekengramsTo console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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cheat GiveTekengramsTo
GFI Code


cheat GiveTekEngramsTo 12394872 PrimalItemArmor_TekGloves_C

This command will give and unlock the Tek Gauntlets (GFI code PrimalItemArmor_TekGloves_C) Engram for the player with the UE4 ID of 12394872.