HideRiders Console Command

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HideRiders Command

cheat HideRiders

This command renders players (or other riders) on dinosaurs invisible. Once they dismount, the invisibility persists. To become visible again, enter the command cheat HideRiders false.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

True / False
Type: Boolean

Specify true to make the player invisible. Specify false to make the player visible.

In-Depth Description

The command HideRiders is used to hide the rider of a dinosaur in the game.

When you use this command, the game will make the character that's currently riding a dinosaur invisible but the dinosaur will remain visible.

This can be especially beneficial in situations where the player wants to observe the surroundings without being noticed or also to take screenshots or videos without their character obstructing the view.

This command can often be used in scenarios that are meant to be more cinematic, or when hunting or avoiding other players.


Below is information about the HideRiders console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The command HideRiders is used to hide the rider of a dino. When this command is active, you won't be able to see the player riding the dinosaur.

It's useful for taking screenshots or videos where you don't want the rider to be visible.

Command Builder

Adjust the settings below to automatically generate a command. Once you have the inputs you want, click the copy button and paste it into the console in Starfield.
cheat HideRiders
True / False


cheat HideRiders true

This command make the rider of a dino invisible.

cheat HideRiders false

This command make the rider of a dino visible again.