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InfiniteStats Command

cheat InfiniteStats

This command will give you finite health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water. If you are mounted, the effects will be applied to your mount rather than yourself.

To replenish your stats only once, use the RefillStats command.

In-Depth Description

InfiniteStats is command that lets you gain infinite health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water.

This basically means that all the crucial parameters that can affect your survival in the game become unlimited. It essentially makes your character immortal and negates the need for management of these resources as they will not deplete.

Even if you're attacked by enemies, you won't lose any health. Your character won't be affected by drowning when staying underwater for too long as their oxygen level will not decrease. Also, you won't need to worry about gathering and consuming food and water to stay alive, a fundamental survival aspect within the game.

While using weapons in InfiniteStats mode, no ammunition is depleted from the inventory. However, for weapons with magazines, bullets will be used up from the magazine. Once the magazine is empty, and a "NO AMMO" notification appears on the display, you can reload by either opening and closing the inventory or switching weapons.

Note that this command does not grant you invulnerability. You can still perish from high-altitude drops or potent attacks, such as a Dragon's bite, if the damage from a single hit surpasses the your maximum health statistic.

The command does not influence the your carrying capacity.


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Console compatible
Version added0.0
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cheat InfiniteStats

This is the only way to use the InfiniteStats command. Executing this command will give you infinite health, oxygen, stamina, food, and water. Enter the command again to turn this off.