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Kill Command

Server ManagementDestroyDinoStructure
cheat Kill

This command will immediately kill the target structure or dinosaur under your crosshair, leaving behind a corpse. To destroy an entity without leaving behind a corpse, use the DestroyMyTarget command.

This command deals approximately 10,000,000 damage, which is sufficient to destroy non-Boss entities. You may need to execute this command multiple times to destroy a Boss.

In-Depth Description

The Kill command in Ark: Survival Evolved is used to instantly kill a creature or structure that you're currently looking at.

To use this command, enter cheat Kill into the console while looking at the entity you wish to remove.

This command can be helpful when a structure or creature is stuck, bugged, or causing a nuisance in some way that standard gameplay can't rectify.

It is very handy in scenarios where a threatening creature has wandered into your safe zone, in such cases, the Kill command is able to help you control and maintain your safe zone by promptly eliminating the potential threat.


Below is information about the Kill console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The Kill command instantly kills the entity or creature you are currently looking at.


cheat Kill

This is the only way to use the Kill command, which which will kill the entity or structure that is under your crosshair.