LeaveMeAlone Console Command

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LeaveMeAlone Command

cheat LeaveMeAlone

This command will run the following commands: God, InfiniteStats, and EnemyInvisible true.

In-Depth Description

The LeaveMeAlone command provides you with a couple of major advantages in the game.

  1. God mode: This command activates 'god mode'. In this mode, you won't receive any damage from fights, falls, or any damage sources. This makes you invincible, and you can explore dangerous areas without the fear of death.

  2. Invisible to enemies: On top of god mode, the LeaveMeAlone command also makes you invisible to AI. This means that all creatures in the game won't notice you anymore. They won't attack you, and they won't react to anything you do.

  3. Infinite stats: This command also grants you unlimited stats. This includes the likes of health, stamina, oxygen, food, water, weight, etc., allowing you to perform any action without worrying about exhausting your stats.

You should use this command when you want to explore or build without the risk of getting attacked or interrupted. This command can also be used when you need to act quickly and lack the time to ensure your stats are full or face enemies without the fear of dying.

To reverse the effects of this command, you will need to reset each of the commands it runs. See the examples for the list of commands to disable LeaveMeAlone.


Below is information about the LeaveMeAlone console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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cheat LeaveMeAlone

This is the only way to use the LeaveMeAlone command. To turn this command off, you will need to turn off each of the commands it runs. These are listed below.

cheat SetGodMode false

This command will turn off God mode.

cheat InfiniteStats

This command will turn off InfiniteStats.

cheat EnemyInvisible false

This command will turn disable invisibility to enemies and make you visible again.