Ark LevelUpAOE Command

This console command is similar to the LevelUp command, but instead of only levelling yourself up, it will level up a stat for all players and dinosaurs within the specified radius. For example, you could level up all players and dinos Stamina by 5 within a 25 meter radius. See arguments for a list of stat IDs.

Command Syntax
cheat LevelUpAOE <Stat ID> <Radius> <Levels>

The command syntax includes the command as well as any possible parameters. Parameter options are below.

Click the copy button to copy the command. Replace any parameter placeholders, which are stated between angle brackets, < and >, with the parameter option you want. Then click copy to copy the entire command.

Command Parameters
Stat ID
Type: Stat ID
The ID of the stat you wish to level up. Stat IDs: Health, Stamina, Torpidity, Oxygen, Food, Water, Temperature, Weight, MeleeDamageMultiplier, SpeedMultiplier, TemperatureFortitude, CraftingSpeedMultiplier
Type: Number
A number - the radius (centered on your character) you wish to level up all players/creatures within. Higher numbers mean dinos and players at greater distances will be affected.
Type: Number
The amount of levels you wish to increase the stat by - e.g. '1' (without quotes) to level up 1 level.
LevelUpAOE Food 100 8
This command will level up the Food stat by 8 for all players and dinos (including yourself) within a radius of 100 Unreal Units.
LevelUpAOE Weight 100 5
This example is the same as the first, but instead levels up the Weight stat by 5 of all players and dinos within the specified radius (100).
Opening the command console

Press the Tab key to open the command console on PC. On Xbox, press LB RB X andY at the same time. On PlayStation, pressL1 R1 Square andTriangle at the same time.