PlayersOnly Console Command

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PlayersOnly Command

cheat PlayersOnly

This command stops all creature movement in the game world and pauses crafting. Players remain unaffected and can move as usual. Enter the command again to reverse its effects.

In-Depth Description

The PlayersOnly command is a useful command that freezes all in-game actions except for those performed by players.

This means that, while the command is active, all creatures (dinosaurs, for example) and certain mechanics (decay of perishable items, for example) will be in a suspended state - they will neither move nor change.

This command can be helpful in a variety of scenarios. One such scenario is when a server's admin, or any player in single-player mode, needs to troubleshoot a problem in the game without having to deal with possible disruptions caused by in-game creatures or time-sensitive processes.

For example, if you're building a complex structure and want to ensure it's perfectly constructed without worrying about dinosaurs interrupting or perishable items decaying, you might find this command very beneficial. It allows for a period of uninterrupted focus on the task at hand.

To use it, you simply input PlayersOnly into the console command line. To resume normal game action, just input the same command again.


Below is information about the PlayersOnly console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The PlayersOnly command freezes all in-game activities except for player movements.

This means that dinosaurs, crafting, and other NPCs will be paused when this command is active.

It is often used to make edits or changes without being disturbed by in-game events.


cheat PlayersOnly

This is the only way to use the PlayersOnly command. This command will stop all creature movement in the game world as well as stop all crafting. Enter the command again to turn this off.