PrintColors Console Command

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PrintColors Command


This command prints all the color IDs.

In-Depth Description

The PrintColors command is used to list the color IDs that are available for usage in the game.

These color IDs are required when using commands that manipulate colors or designs, such as SetTargetDinoColor.

When you use PrintColors, it doesn't affect the gameplay itself but will print the color codes, which you can use in other commands to change the colors of creatures or structures within the game, providing customization options to the users.

The information is printed directly in the console.

You should use this command when you need a specific color ID to customize the color of a dinosaur's body part or any in-game structures.

This can be particularly useful if you're designing your base or trying to identify your dinosaurs easily.


Below is information about the PrintColors console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The PrintColors command is used to display a list of all the color IDs, shown as per the in-game color palette.

This is useful when players want to use specific colors but don't remember their IDs.



This is the only way to use the PrintColors command. Enter the command to print the IDs of all the colors to the console.