RefillStats Console Command

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RefillStats Command

cheat RefillStats

This command instantly restores your health, stamina, oxygen, water, food, and other depletable stats to their maximum values.

Contrary to the InfiniteStats command, this command will be applied only once. Once your stats have been refilled, they will continue to be drained or affected by the game.

In-Depth Description

The RefillStats command is an extremely useful command. When you activate this command, it instantly refills your character's health, stamina, oxygen, food, water, and weight stats to their maximum values.

This command can be particularly helpful in a variety of situations. For instance, if health or other stats are critically low because of another player's actions, a battle with creatures, or environmental factors like cold or hot weather.

Instead of waiting for your stats to gradually increase over time or using food, packs, or other means to recover, you can use the RefillStats command for instant recovery. This will allow you to continue with the game without unnecessary delays.


Below is information about the RefillStats console command.

Console compatible
Version added281.107
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Quick Overview

The RefillStats command is used to fully restore the health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water stats of the player's character.


cheat RefillStats

This is the only way to use the RefillStats command. Enter this command to replenish your stats.