SaveWorld Console Command

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SaveWorld Command

Server Management
cheat SaveWorld

This command will force the server to save the game world. In single-player mode, the game will be save this on your local computer.

In-Depth Description

The SaveWorld command in Ark: Survival Evolved is an administrative command that forces the server to save the current state of the world, including all player data, constructed buildings, tamed creatures, and other world developments.

This command is extremely useful because Ark: Survival Evolved operates on a real-time basis, which means that all progress can be potentially lost if the game crashes before the server has a chance to automatically save.

The system typically performs autosave in intervals, but the SaveWorld command allows manual saving at any point, which can mitigate the risk of losing progress due to unpredictable issues like server crashes, power blackouts, or connectivity problems.

You might want to use this command before attempting dangerous tasks, such as engaging a powerful boss, carrying out a raid, or when initiating any high-risk activity. This ensures that even if things go south, progress up to that point is secured.


Below is information about the SaveWorld console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The SaveWorld command is used to manually save the current state of the game world.

This is particularly useful to prevent data loss in case of a system crash or other unforeseen event.


cheat SaveWorld

This is the only way the SaveWorld command can be executed. After entering the command, the game will be saved.