SetGodMode Console Command

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SetGodMode Command

cheat SetGodMode

This command will toddle on and off god mode for your character.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

True / False
Type: Boolean

Specify true to enabled God mode or false to disable God mode.

In-Depth Description

The command SetGodMode, when activated, grants the player invincibility or god mode.

When this command is enabled, the player becomes immune to all kinds of damage. The player will not get hungry or thirsty, won't suffer from any environmental effects such as cold or heat, and won't take any damage from creatures or players.

However, note that the character can die from drowning. Enable InfiniteStats to prevent this.

This command is helpful when a player wants to explore the Ark world without any fear of taking damage or dying.

It can be used to safely scout dangerous areas, understand the behavior of aggressive creatures, build structures without the risk of being killed, or simply explore freely without the survival elements of the game.


Below is information about the SetGodMode console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The SetGodMode command enables or disables God mode, which makes you invincible and immune to all damage.

When God mode is activated, your character won't lose health due to falling or being attacked by creatures.

Command Builder

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cheat SetGodMode
True / False


cheat SetGodMode true

This command will enable God mode for your character.

cheat SetGodMode false

This command will disable God mode for your character.