SetHeadHairPercent Console Command

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SetHeadHairPercent Command

cheat SetHeadHairPercent

This command sets your head hair percentage, which can range from 0 (0%) to 1 (100%).


The syntax for this command is as follows:

Type: Decimal

The percentage of head hair you wish to have. This is a decimal that can range from 0 (0%) to 1 (100%).


Below is information about the SetHeadHairPercent console command.

Console compatible
Version added254.0
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Quick Overview

The command SetHeadHairPercent is used to adjust a character's head hair level.

This command sets the growth percentage of the player character's head hair.

You have to enter a number from 0 to 1 after the command to indicate the desired percentage.

For example, cheat SetHeadHairPercent 0.5 would set the head hair to 50% grown.

Command Builder

Adjust the settings below to automatically generate a command. Once you have the inputs you want, click the copy button and paste it into the console in Starfield.
cheat SetHeadHairPercent


cheat SetHeadHairPercent 0

This command would remove all your head hair.

cheat SetHeadHairPercent 0.5

This command would set your head hair to 50%.

cheat SetHeadHairPercent 1

This command would set your head hair to 100%, which is as long as it can be.