SetImprintQuality Console Command

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SetImprintQuality Command

cheat SetImprintQuality

This command will set the imprint quality to the specified amount for the targeted dino in your crosshair.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

Type: Decimal

The value you wish to set the imprint quality to. This should be a decimal between 0 (0%) to 1 (100%).

In-Depth Description

The SetImprintQuality command in Ark: Survival Evolved is used to set the imprint quality value of a targeted dinosaur.

Imprint quality can be thought of as a bond between a player and their dinosaur, which boosts the dinosaur's attributes when they are used by the imprinted player.

To use this command, you should first select your targeted dinosaur. You can input cheat SetImprintQuality 1 to set the imprint quality to its maximum level of 100%.

Setting the imprint quality increases the damage and resistance of a dinosaur by a percentage of the imprint quality when ridden by the player that did the imprinting. It can make tamed dinosaurs stronger, increasing their health, speed, and damage output.

This command is most useful when you want to boost the stats of a dinosaur you've tamed without having to go through the normal imprinting process, which involves various tasks, such as feeding the baby dino its preferred food (like a specific type of kibble), taking it for a walk, and cuddling it at different intervals until it reaches adulthood.


Below is information about the SetImprintQuality console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The SetImprintQuality command sets the imprint quality of a dinosaur.

The quality is set from a value of 0.0 to 1.0.

A higher value indicates a better imprint, meaning the dinosaur will perform better (i.e., faster, stronger etc.) in various ways. It's used when you're breeding domesticated dinosaurs.

Command Builder

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cheat SetImprintQuality


cheat SetImprintQuality 1

This command will set the imprint quality of the dino in your crosshair to 1 which represents 100%.

cheat SetImprintQuality 0.5

This command will set the imprint quality of the dino in your crosshair to 0.5 which represents 50%.