ShowDebug Console Command

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ShowDebug Command


This command show a debug information overlay for the specified value. Possible values are reset, physics, camera, bones, animation, input, collision, net, weapon, and ai.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

Debug value

The debug value you want to view debug information about. Possible values are reset, physics, camera, bones, animation, input, collision, net, weapon, and ai.

In-Depth Description

The command ShowDebug displays debug information on the screen.

The type of information that appears after executing this command usually includes player location, speed, gravity, camera positions, animation, and more.

The following are possible values to enter after the ShowDebug command:

  1. reset - Restores all settings to default.

  2. physics - Displays details about Location, Speed, and Gravity.

  3. camera - Provides data regarding the camera, including its position, FOV, angle, and more.

  4. bones - In 3rd person view, reveals the skeletal mesh.

  5. animation - Presents details related to animation.

  6. input - Displays pressed input keys with their corresponding actions, along with mouse and joystick inputs.

  7. collision - Visualizes the radius and height of the collision model.

  8. net - Displays 'remoterole' and 'NetNode'.

  9. weapon

  10. ai

This command is often used when players or server administrators want to diagnose problems or view under-the-hood server statistics for optimization. It can be helpful to use this command if you're experiencing gameplay issues and want to try to identify the cause.


Below is information about the ShowDebug console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The ShowDebug command displays a range of debugging information including player coordinates, speed, and frame rate.

This command is particularly useful for troubleshooting game errors.

Command Builder

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Debug value


ShowDebug reset

This command will reset everything.

ShowDebug camera

This command will display camera information including position, FOV, angle, etc.