ShowMyAdminManager Console Command

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ShowMyAdminManager Command


This command will open the admin manager GUI.

The admin manager GUI provides a streamlined interface for accessing various administrative tools. This interface displays your player's current location, essential server details, key server configurations, and a roster of active players.

It also includes a list of banned and whitelisted players, allows for the modification of the Message of the Day (MoTD), and presents a selection of admin commands (though not exhaustive).

When selecting a player from the list of connected players, their UE4 player ID, a 10-digit number, can be conveniently copied for use in commands that require a player ID. The GUI is also intended to allow the copying of a player's Int64 encoded Steam ID for relevant commands, but this feature is currently non-functional.

To get a player's Int64 encoded Steam ID, use the ListPlayers command or search the server's save files.


Below is information about the ShowMyAdminManager console command.

Console compatible
Version added185.0
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