Suicide Console Command

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Suicide Command


This command will kill your character.

In-Depth Description

The suicide command is useful for situations where players find themselves stuck in the game environment, such as being trapped between rocks or other inescapable locations.

By using the command cheat Suicide in the debug console, players can quickly resolve situations where they are unable to move or progress.

This is particularly helpful in single-player mode or when other means of escape are not available.

The command provides a practical solution to avoid prolonged frustration in these scenarios​​.


Below is information about the Suicide console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The Suicide command makes your in-game character die instantly.

This command does not work on consoles due to word moderation. Use the HurtMe command instead.


cheat Suicide

This is the only way to use the Suicide command. Enter this command to kill your character.