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Walk Command

cheat Walk

This command deactivates fly mode, which is activated by the Fly command.

In-Depth Description

The Walk command is used to deactivate the flying mode if you've previously used the Fly command.

When you use the Walk command, you will instantly be placed on the ground and will return to the regular gameplay physics, allowing you to move around as you normally would on foot.

This command can be particularly useful in cases where you have used the Fly command for a specific task or exploration and then want to return back to the ground.

The Walk command offers a quick and easy switch back to the normal walking mode. Hence, you should use it whenever you want to stop flying and return to the ground level.


Below is information about the Walk console command.

Console compatible
Version added0.0
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Quick Overview

The command Walk is used to deactivate flying and allows your character to walk again. This is typically used after entering the Fly command.


cheat Walk

This is the only way to the run the Walk command. Executing the command will deactivate fly-mode. Enter the command fly to enable fly-mode.