Compy Creature ID

The Ark ID for Compy is Compy_Character_BP_C.

This is also known as the creature ID or the entity ID.

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Compy Spawn Command

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Compy Blueprint Path

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Compy Dossier


One of the smallest predators on the Island, ''Compsognathus curiosicarius'' can be seen as a pet, a pest, or a threat.


Compsognathus gain increasingly significant attack power and speed when in close proximity to other Compsognathus, as their pack aggression takes over their behavior.

Compy Information
The Compsognathus in Ark, also known as a Compy, is a dinosaur. When alone, these creatures are not aggressive but when in packs, with other Compies, they are aggressive and will attack en masse. Their drops include hide and raw meat.
Entity IDCompy_Character_BP_C
Name tagCompy
Breedable sizeYes
Saddle levelUnknown