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Desmodus Entity ID


Spawn Command

The spawn command for Desmodus is below.

admincheat Summon Desmodus_Character_BP_C

Blueprint Path

The blueprint path for Desmodus is below.



  • Begin by taming a low-level Desmodus to farm blood packs. Once you have ample blood packs, aim for a high-level tame.

  • Always have parachutes handy, as Desmodus can fly up and drop players during the taming process.When raising them, they feed on blood packs.

  • Using a shield during taming prevents the Desmodus from damaging you.

Taming High-level Desmodus
  • Tame a Stego/Andrewsarchus and a Moschops.

  • Farm 400-600 Bloodpacks.

  • Allow the Desmodus to consume blood packs from Moschops to raise its taming effectiveness.

  • Let the Desmodus pick you up and feed on your blood packs until tamed.

Items and Tools
  • Blood extraction syringe and a snow owl can produce easy blood packs.

  • Blood packs are essential for taming and raising Desmodus.

Desmodus Babies
  • Can be fed meat as well as blood packs.

  • Raw meat is preferred over blood packs due to cooldowns.

  • Using a Maewing to feed babies with raw meat is advised.

Abilities and Traits
  • Can turn invisible at night or when latched upside-down.

  • Collects spoiled meat from corpses - useful for narcotic farming.

  • Features echolocation to ping nearby creatures.

  • Has a dive ability akin to the Griffin and Snow Owl.

  • Tamed passively using blood packs in the last slot of the hotbar.

Additional Tips
  • Unique Abilities: The Desmodus boasts invisibility, echolocation, and night vision. They are unique flyers that can access caves. They also possess a lifesteal ability and can produce a Sanguine Elixir beneficial for taming and imprinting.

  • Radiation Immunity: Desmodus are immune to radiation, making them ideal for places like the rock drake trench.

  • Bee Hive Detection: Using their screech, they can highlight active bee hives, specifically those with a Queen bee.



Even with all the other monstrosities around here, this fugitive from a Creature Double Feature deserves top billing. I mean, Dracula's right there in its species name! And Desmodus has a shriek that'll scare just about anything out of its way. It's also shrewd enough to limit itself to victims that it can carry off into the night. Although I'm not superstitious enough to advise stocking up on garlic and stakes before you decide to track down Desmodus for yourself, I'd still advise you to hunt these horrors out in the light and away from their caves – they seem uniquely adept at flying and hiding in those dark, narrow spaces.


Taming one of these beasties lets you add its eerie abilities to your arsenal. Use their unsettling scream to scatter your enemies. Command Desmodus to snatch up small prey for you. Let its uncanny power to vanish into darkness become your personal stealth mode. Desmodus has blood thinner in its saliva, which drains prey of more blood than this vampire could ever digest. If you can stomach the excess blood and drained meat your vampire pet leaves behind, you might be open-minded enough to appreciate another of its unholy gifts: a 'sanguine elixir' that helps enthrall the most stubborn beasts.

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