Dimorphodon Creature ID

The Ark ID for Dimorphodon is Dimorph_Character_BP_C.

This is also known as the creature ID or the entity ID.

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Dimorphodon Spawn Command

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admincheat Summon Dimorph_Character_BP_C
Dimorphodon Blueprint Path

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Dimorphodon Dossier


''Dimorphodon equesica'' is another of the Island's Jekyll-and-Hyde creatures. It is normally passive, sometimes even friendly. When provoked, it becomes very aggressive, even against larger creatures it has no business fighting...often to its own fatal end. Dimorphodon can make short work of smaller opponents, however, due to its large (but lightweight) skull and teeth.


Dimorphodon is one of the creatures on the Island that is easily domesticated for companionship, but its use in combat is also quite clear: It will hunt in large groups to seek out enemy dino riders directly, harassing them to no end, regardless of the might of their mount!

Dimorphodon Information
The Dimorphodon, or Dimorph, is a dino in Ark that tends to travel in packs. They are passive unless provoked - this could be in the form of both attacking them, and stealing one of their eggs. Their drops are similar to other creatures, being hide and raw meat.
Entity IDDimorph_Character_BP_C
Name tagDimorph
CategoryReptiles, Dinosaurs
HabitatAerial, Subterranean
Breedable sizeYes
Saddle levelUnknown