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Fenrir Entity ID

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Spawn Command

The spawn command for Fenrir is below.

admincheat Summon Fenrir_Character_BP_C

Blueprint Path

The blueprint path for Fenrir is below.



  • You can only obtain a level 150 Fenrir by defeating the Fenrisúlfr, the final boss on Fjordur. The rewarded Fenrir comes in a cryopod. The level of the Fenrir received depends on the difficulty of the boss fight: Gamma: 150, Beta: 190, Alpha: 225.

Utility and Traits
  • Fenrir's inventory has a refrigerating effect, extending the shelf life of certain items. Notably, this effect doesn't apply to Primal Crystal. Especially useful for preserving Wyvern Milk and Venom, which last for 2 days in its inventory.

  • A boost is given to all direwolves in proximity, indicated by a change in their eye color. These wolves receive reduced damage and deal increased damage when the boost is active.

  • Aesthetically, if you place a Fenrir beside a direwolf, the direwolf's eyes exhibit a unique smoky, icy appearance.

  • Larger in size than the direwolf; unlike direwolves, Fenrir can't fit through double doors.

Additional Tips
  • The refrigerator ability is useful for raising creatures like wyverns and drakes.

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