Liopleurodon Creature ID

The Ark ID for Liopleurodon is Liopleurodon_Character_BP_C.

This is also known as the creature ID or the entity ID.

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Liopleurodon Spawn Command

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admincheat Summon Liopleurodon_Character_BP_C
Liopleurodon Blueprint Path

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Liopleurodon Dossier


''Liopleurodon magicus'' is a mid-sized ocean creature, typically between 20 and 25 feet long. I've yet to directly encounter one myself, but from the tales other tribes have shared, it compares to no other on the Island.


Liopleurodon is rumored to bring good fortune to those adventurous enough to tame it. With the Liopleurodon by their side, tribes have apparently managed to obtain treasure beyond their wildest dreams. Supposedly, even after you've gained its favor, it remains incredibly aloof and will eventually use its abilities to escape even the strictest of captivity.

Liopleurodon Information
The Liopleurodon is a water-based reptile that feeds on fish in the ocean. Despite its carnivore diet, it is passive towards survivors and if provoked, will swim away rather than retaliating. It can be colored and ridden but not bred. When killed, the Liopleurodon drops hide and raw fish meat.
Entity IDLiopleurodon_Character_BP_C
Name tagLiopleurodon
DietSweet Tooth
Breedable sizeNo
Saddle levelBareback