Lystrosaurus Creature ID

The Ark ID for Lystrosaurus is Lystro_Character_BP_C.

This is also known as the creature ID or the entity ID.

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Lystrosaurus Spawn Command

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admincheat Summon Lystro_Character_BP_C
Lystrosaurus Blueprint Path

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Lystrosaurus Dossier


''Lystrosaurus amicifidelis'' is a small herbivore, common to much of the Island. Only about two feet long, it is not high on the food chain, and eats small plant life. The Island's poisonous insects seem to have little effect on Lystrosaurus.


Not surprisingly, Lystrosaurus is an extremely loyal pet once tamed. It's a very fast learner, so it gains experience much more quickly than most other creatures. Additionally, its presence nearby appears to inspire allies, making them learn more rapidly as well. Thusly, Lystrosaurus is an excellent addition to any tribe's hunting party.

Lystrosaurus Information
The Lystrosaurus, also known as the Lystro, is an Ark dinosaur that will flee if provoked. When it is slain, it yields hide and raw meat. It can be tamed and bred, but not ridden.
Entity IDLystro_Character_BP_C
Name tagLystro
CategorySynapsids, Dinosaurs
HabitatTerrestrial, Subterranean
Breedable sizeYes
Saddle levelUnknown