Pelagornis Creature ID

The Ark ID for Pelagornis is Pela_Character_BP_C.

This is also known as the creature ID or the entity ID.

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Pelagornis Spawn Command

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Pelagornis Blueprint Path

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Pelagornis Dossier


The much-larger ancestor of water birds like the stork or pelican, ''Pelagornis miocaenus'' shares many traits with its modern-day brethren. However, it seems to spend far more time hunting for fish over the open deep-sea.


Because of its ability to fly, walk and surface-swim, a tamed Pelagornis is one of the Island's most versatile mounts, but this comes at a cost. The same webbed feet that allow Pelagornis to serenely maneuver along the ocean's surface prevent it from carrying prey off the ground, which may limit its appeal to some survivors.

Pelagornis Information
Entity IDPela_Character_BP_C
Name tagPela
Breedable sizeYes
Saddle level43