Woolly Rhino Creature ID

The Ark ID for Woolly Rhino is Rhino_Character_BP_C.

This is also known as the creature ID or the entity ID.

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Woolly Rhino Spawn Command

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admincheat Summon Rhino_Character_BP_C
Woolly Rhino Blueprint Path

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Woolly Rhino Dossier


''Coelodonta utiliserro'' is a friendly herbivore, common to the tundra and grassland regions of the Island. It is a large and dangerous creature, though it seems fairly trusting of the fauna around it. Once attacked, Coelodonta begins charging towards its foe. It builds up momentum as it charges, and depending on its ultimate impact speed, the results can be terrifying. With enough room to charge, it can even skewer the largest creatures in just one gore!


When not being hunted for its horns, Coelodonta makes an impressive beast of burden. Its ability to take on far larger opponents provided sufficient charging room, as well as its sizeable load capacity, make it a solid addition to any trader party or gathering expedition.

Woolly Rhino Information
Woolly Rhino
Entity IDRhino_Character_BP_C
Name tagRhino
Breedable sizeYes
Saddle level53