Mutagen Item ID

To spawn Mutagen, use the GFI code. To see a list of all GFI codes in Ark, visit our GFI codes list.

The GFI code for Mutagen is PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen.

Click the 'Copy' button to copy the GFI code to your clipboard, which you can use in the Ark game or server.

Mutagen Command (GFI Code)

Use the admin cheat command along with the GFI code to spawn Mutagen in the Ark.

Click the 'Copy' button to copy the command to your clipboard. For more GFI codes, visit our GFI codes list.

cheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen 1 1 0
Mutagen Blueprint Path

Click the 'Copy' button to copy the Mutagen blueprint path to your clipboard.

Mutagen Command (Blueprint Path)

The admin cheat command combined with this item's blueprint path can spawn the item in the game.

This is an alternative method to spawning using the GFI code. Click the 'Copy' button to copy the Mutagen blueprint path spawn command to your clipboard.

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/CoreBlueprints/Environment/Mutagen/PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen.PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen'" 1 1 0
Mutagen Information
Rare substance with aggravating and mutagentic properties. Use with caution to boost creature stats and gain access to Rockwell's Inner Sanctum.
The Mutagen is a resource in the Genesis: Part 2 DLC. It enables the survivor to further evolve their existing tames, can be used to tame the  Voidwyrm, and used to start Terminus mission.
Item IDPrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen
Class NamePrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen_C
GFI CodePrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen
Stack size100
Command Example

The command cheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagen 10 1 0 will give you 10 Mutagens.