Ark Attachment Item IDs

A list of all Ark Attachment items.

In Ark, items can be spawned using the GFI command (most popular), GiveItemNum , or the GiveItem.

For instance, if you want to spawn Exceptional Kibble you would enter the command cheat GFI Kibble_Base_XLarge 1 1 0 to spawn 1 Exceptional Kibble.

This page provides a comprehensive and searchable list of all item IDs, including GFI codes and blueprint paths, that can be used with these commands.

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5 results
ImageItem Name GFI Code / Spawn Command
Flashlight AttachmentFlashlight Attachment
cheat gfi Flashlight 1 1 0
Holo-Scope AttachmentHolo-Scope Attachment
cheat gfi Holo 1 1 0
Laser AttachmentLaser Attachment
cheat gfi Laser 1 1 0
Scope AttachmentScope Attachment
cheat gfi Scope 1 1 0
Silencer AttachmentSilencer Attachment
cheat gfi Silencer 1 1 0