RainDinos Console Command

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RainDinos Command


This command generates a combination of trikes and parasaurs above the player's position. The types of creatures spawned cannot be altered as they are hardcoded into the game. It is similar to the SpawnActorSpread command.


The syntax for this command is as follows:

Type: Number

The number of dinos to spawn.

Spread Amount
Type: Number

The radius that dinos should be spawned within. A small number will result in more clustered dinos and a larger number will yield more spread out dinos.

Z Offset
Type: Number

How high above the player the dinos should be spawned.


Below is information about the RainDinos console command.

Console compatible
Version added281.107
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Command Builder

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cheat RainDinos
Spread Amount
Z Offset


cheat RainDinos 50 100 200

This command will spawn a total of 50 trikes and parasaurs at a height of 200 above your character. They will be spread out across a radius of 100.