Ark Kibble

Kibble is a food item in Ark used to tame creatures faster and with higher affinity. They are the most efficient way to tame a creature. Most creatures prefer a specific type of kibble, which will be more effective in taming them. Using the wrong kibble will decrease the taming effectiveness. This kibble chart shows each creature's kibble preference and the kibble recipe.


Extraordinary Kibble
Crafted in
Ark Extraordinary Kibble Cooking Pot
Ark Extraordinary Kibble Industrial Cooker
Egg type
Ark Special Egg Special Egg
Ark Extraordinary Kibble

In-game description

This specially blended pet food is a favorite of many exotic creatures. Containing only the finest natural ingredients, it provides pets with the balanced nutrition they need. And with a taste they can't resist, they'll warm up to you in no time! Not intended for human consumption.

This type of Kibble has the glow of Ascendant-quality items.


                Special Egg × 1 Special Egg
                Fiber × 5 Fiber
                Giant Bee Honey × 1 Giant Bee Honey
                Lazarus Chowder × 1 Lazarus Chowder
                Mejoberry × 10 Mejoberry
                Water × 1 Water
Food 16
Spoils in 3 days
Weight 0.1
Stack size 100
Decomposes in 2 minutes
Crafting XP 4
Crafted in
Ark Extraordinary Kibble Cooking Pot
Ark Extraordinary Kibble Industrial Cooker

Preferred by

  • Ark Astrocetus
  • Ark Griffin
  • Ark Megalania
  • Ark Rock Elemental
    Rock Elemental
  • Ark Thylacoleo
  • Ark Yutyrannus

Eggs with the size of special

Ark Crystal Wyvern Egg
Crystal Wyvern Egg
Ark Deinonychus Egg
Deinonychus Egg
Ark Golden Hesperornis Egg
Golden Hesperornis Egg
Ark Magmasaur Egg
Magmasaur Egg
Ark Rock Drake Egg
Rock Drake Egg
Ark Wyvern Egg
Wyvern Egg
Ark Yutyrannus Egg
Yutyrannus Egg

Kibble category

These kibbles can be used in place of Extraordinary Kibble. They will provide the same taming progress. However, they may have different food values, which will affect the length of the taming.

Ark Extraordinary Augmented Kibble
Extraordinary Augmented Kibble


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